Anna Shearer {BIO}

When I was 29, I wrote a list of 30 items that I wanted to complete before turning 30. One of those items was to attend and experience ten different yoga classes. Little did I know this one item on my 29-year-old bucket list would send me down the yogic path. It lead me to develop and enjoy a consistent practice and then enroll in a year-long teacher training program here in Dayton. When I began my teacher training, I wasn’t doing so with the intention of teaching…but like so many things in life, what is supposed to happen will happen even if it isn’t a part of our plans.

Today, I am a graduate of Indigo Yoga Dayton’s 500-hr teacher training program and happily teaching all around the Dayton area. Yoga was a “game changer” for me – from the first step, I reveled at the many ways yoga served me and others. I enjoy teaching many styles of yoga, from cool and calm restorative classes to quick and quirky vinyasa flow sessions. Yoga is a healing modality, and I make sure to honor the breadth of resources yoga offers with every class – from meditation, to mantra, to pranayama (yoga of the breath), to yoga philosophy, and of course the asana (physical postures)…so students can expect that we won’t remain on the surface of our practice.

I truly believe my purpose is to teach and be of service to others through yoga. I do this through group classes at studios, private sessions, and by routinely offering yoga to charitable organizations in order to supplement their commendable work. Because we can only teach what we know, I am always staying in my own practice and continuing my education through supplemental trainings, workshops, and research – it is important to me to uphold the teachings as well as be a lifelong student.

I am beyond lucky to have the love and support of my fiancée, and together we enjoy culinary endeavors, cinema, music, travel, and taking care of our goofball dog (Peat Moss, the Weimaraner). I also enjoy crafting and being artistic - particularly crochet, drawing, and projects around our home. I am a graduate of Ohio University, have run two Tough Mudder races, a half marathon, and am getting married in Ireland…oh, and I’m also pretty ambidextrous!

But enough about me – I look forward to meeting and getting to know you! Namaste!

Andrea McDermott {BIO}

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I was drawn to yoga 8 years ago as a means to cross-train, improve flexibility, and heal sports injuries.  In the past two years yoga became a way for me to manage personal hardships, emotional, psychological, and physical stress.  I realized that at any time I needed to feel grounded I returned to my mat and began to reap the benefits of a continuous practice.  This realization became the catalyst my journey of exploring the spiritual side of yoga and deepening my personal practice.  Yoga has allowed me the space to find clarity and cultivate mind-body awareness and acceptance. 

Currently a student I will complete the 200 hour teacher training program through Day Yoga in June of 2015.  I am also a registered prenatal yoga teacher through ShantiMom.   When not teaching or practicing yoga I enjoy spending time with my daughter, rowing, cooking, reading, and anything outdoors.  Being in nature or on the water is medicine for my soul! I’m also a certified labor doula in the Dayton area providing childbirth education, supporting and coaching mothers through labor and delivery.

My classes range from peaceful and relaxing to energetic, sweat-inducing vinyasa flows.  Yoga is different for every body and my goal is to provide verbal support through a variety of poses and conscious sequencing.  Each class will help build strength, flexibility, and balance, as well as provide the space to find clarity and mental reflection.