Shirley Forrest {BIO}

I have enjoyed being a physical therapist since graduating from Cleveland State University in 1979. I have been gifted with a wide variety of experiences and people in my life and continue to feel blessed and challenged within the experience of being a PT.

In 1994, I was introduced to Tai Chi as part of a continuing education workshop for people challenged with rheumatoid arthritis or other severe musculo-skeletal illnesses. Impressed with the sense of gentle strength and wellness within the practice, I began to include its principles in my work as a therapist. Tai Chi's core principles of balance, peacefulness, and harmony with nature appealed to me personally also.

In 2004, I began more actively studying tai chi with Tricia Yu at the Tai Chi for Health Center in Madison, Wisconsin. In 2005, I began studying Qigong and Tai Chi with Brad Fraley at Stone River Tai Chi in Yellow Springs, Ohio. My decision to further my studies was gift to myself to help me with my own strength, balance, and posture.

Since 1994, I have read varied books, watched videos, practiced with other students/friends, studied under gracious teachers, taught classes, and continued my journey with tai chi an qigong finding ongoing benefit from these ancient exercise systems. My studies have been focused on the Yang Style Short Form tai chi and Chen style qigong.

I look forward to continuing my journey as a physical therapist and as a practitioner and teacher of qigong and tai chi. For me, these are practices that I gladly anticipate enjoying the rest of my life.

In addition, a writer over the years, I am exploring sharing my thoughts and life lessons in creative projects with small, locally owned businesses in the region. As a gardner, I enjoy growing and preserving pesticide-free fruits, vegetables and herbs for myself, friends, and family. As a steward of my small property, I have enjoyed nurturing biodiversity, providing a refuge for birds and beneficial insects, health of the land, and discouraging invasive plants. Bicycling, kayaking, and hiking in local parks are all ways I nurture my health and well-being.

I see myself as a simple person on a journey, one moment, one choice at a time.