9 Months Pregnant

Happy Spring Everyone! If you are a current client of GLPW, I highly recommend you take 3 minutes to read this post and its entirety so that you may know whats happening with GLPW!

YOGA WILL BE OFF THE SCHEDULE FOR THE SUMMER- This has been an extremely difficult decision for both Anna and I, but we have decided to temporarily take yoga off of the schedule. Anna Shearer, our only yoga instructor has done a marvelous job here at GLPW and we are so grateful for her to have been a part of the team, or as I like to say, family :) For those who have been attending her classes and have taken the time to get to know her beyond Yoga, she has a long commute to Bellbrook, which is hard on time and money to maintain on a long term basis. Again, we are so grateful for her and I encourage those who have taken her classes and enjoyed them previously, to join her on Wednesdays now through the end of May for Restorative Yoga at 7:15pm. I also encourage you to ask her where she will continue to teach so you can follow her for her excellent abilities as a yoga instructor! 

No additional Yoga passes will be sold at this time, but we are running a special deal at $7/ drop in!

CLASS PASSES & GROUPONS - For those with class passes or Groupons that have not expired, please contact me prior to your expiration date so that I may help you utilize the money you have spent at GLPW! I apologize sincerely for any inconvenience this may have caused you! We are a small team, and have done and will continue to do the best we can to be honorable and supportive through these changes!

Lastly, I'm finally 9 MONTHS PREGNANT! - I (Heather) am excited to announce that I will be delivering my second child here in just a few short weeks (my due date is May 18th, hopefully a bit sooner;-). I am very excited to meet our little boy as well as being that much closer to participating fully in the pilates method once again (it can be a little hard to do exercises including extension exercises that require lying on your stomach when your 9 months!!!). With that being said, the studio will be a little quieter for the next month or so while my family and I settle in to our changes, but I will still be in and out of the studio. I am the only Pilates instructor, so both Pilates Mat and Pilates Barre are off the schedule temporarily, but will return with some series this summer:)! Please call or email me with any questions or comments regarding Pilates classes and I will get back with you as quick as I can.

Please stay tuned as I look to bring some exciting new series for PILATES MAT & PILATES BARRE this summer, as well as YOGA either late this summer or early fall! 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this email and for your understanding while we go through these changes!!

Please refer to our contact page for further questions and to get in touch!